Youthful Exuberance
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Did you know that the little boy, girl, Adult youth etc., that behaves so Naughty, arrogant and stubborn, is just experiencing a trait we are all going through but at different hierarchies? I call it 'youthful Exuberance'.


When I was serving as a tutor and a class form Master in a school about a year ago, I encountered some senior students who were very rude despite every attempt (both radical and friendly approach) to bring them under control. I could remember how my fellow Corper was deeply hurt in one of the instances, while another was seriously threatened by a student. So at a point I concluded they hate us. I decided to ignore them and carry out my assignment on the very few, partially calm ones. I always thought the former were Misfits orchestrated by improper parental upbringing, environmental and association influences. Funnily I even thought they may never be reasonable individuals in future. But later on till today, the story is getting different. It's Rather being constantly replaced by stun. My very first surprise was our Batch sendoff organized by the school. The same students rendered wonderful presentations and gifts. They made me feel loved and fulfilled to the extent that I couldn't control tears anymore. Unbelievable! They did a lot of things I can't name Now. They have been calling ever since till date. They have become very reasonable, respectful and better.


Now, I used the story above to launch us into a vital discussion. Youthful Exuberance is a stage of near absolute ignorance and exaggeration in actions and reactions; greatly triggered by intuition and emotion, But funnily thought by the actor to be in Harmony with logical inference, self-realization, actualization and advancement habitual requisite. It's a stage of instability, drowsiness and numerous thoughtless actions. It is believed by most guardians to be a curse. The characteristics of Youthful Exuberance seems to be related to those of Adolescence, but it's quite different since it spans beyond teenage hood down to middle ages of Adulthood. Youthful Exuberance In fact, doesn't end. It only transcends through more violent stages. Research has shown that it is more of a blessing (depending on the way it's handled) since it helps in proper self-realization. Although these feelings are naturally and gradually later replaced by standards by virtue of experience and exposure, it also requires great understanding and tireless violent less guidance on the part of Guardians. Hence, Strive to build friendship when there's great chance of none. Try to know why they do the things they do, and accommodate the reasons no matter how unreasonable it may be. Educate them with truths and lies. At some times, allow them some responsibility for their actions even if it's wrong so that they learn from their mistakes. Ensure not to condemn them at whatever situation. Don't use words that will hurt their spirit and make them feel hated.
NOTE: Their Actions and habits will expire but words stings. I could remember I always told my students that they were smart even when they didn't do well at all. I paid more attention to their strengths in order to encourage them do better. At any opportunity of personal conversation with any of my students, I painted fine pictures of their life if they could be more serious. I guess this is why I haven't escaped their memories ever since...By Mimshack.



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