You Don't Owe Your Partner Your Past
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Sometimes some partners are on your neck to tell them your past as if you owe them but the truth is, you don't owe your partner your past. Your past doesn't belong to your partner but to God. A customer has no access to the shipping history of a product. Such information belongs to the shipper and not the buyer. If the shipper decides to reveal that to the buyer or owner, it's only a privilege not a right. We are products and God is our manufacturer and shipper. Whoever we end up with as a spouse or partner can be termed as the buyer or owner. The product owes them no history. God is the one working on you and He has the right to know how far He has come with you. The bible confirms this in Philippians 2:13 (MEV) "For God is the One working in you, both to will and to do His good pleasure". So the question is, must you tell your spouse about every event in your past? The answer is No. It's just a privilege if you have to. They were not in the past so why do they want to live there? Why are they interested in your past? Don't they like what they are seeing now? Don't they appreciate what they have found? If they don't, then they
better leave in peace. Some people will use your past against you, whilst a few will appreciate how far God has brought you. It is not every relationship that ends up in marriage. Your partner just met you at a junction to continue a journey God has already started with you, there is no need for them to know everything about your past because they might not understanding how far God has brought you. Let no man or woman force you to tell them your past or history in the name of love or marriage. Because they didn't belong to your past, they should learn to ignore any negative thing they hear about you in the past. Their role is to partner God to help you become what He has assigned you on earth. They are not supposed to be the good friend who knows all your stories but a best friend who truly appreciate your kind...Danjuma Iliya.


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