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This business of love is just a thing of common sense. It is never true that one particular person on earth is your true love and once you don't get married to such a person, you will never be happy and you can't love again. If you are with a good spouse and still believe in such lies, then this message is for you. When it comes to love, it is the business of the head and not the heart. The heart has no eyes, no ears, no nose, no mouth. The heart cannot analyze anything. The heart cannot weight two things and know what is good and bad. The heart does not think.
So the heart relies on the head when it comes to where to go or who to fall for. When you fail to do your due diligence before giving your heart to someone who doesn't have good intentions for you, you end up punishing yourself. You put yourself into a mess. You put your heart in pain.
To love someone is to decide, and the head or the mind does that, then gives the permission to heart to go in such directions. These days people don’t utilize their head when it comes to matters of love and relationship. We have become people in a hurry who have little time for our life including love. People easily give their hearts to anyone just because they are single and available, not because they know the person well to be able to say he or she is a good person so my heart will be safe with them.
Ladies especially treat the first man who proposed to them as their true love, and without proper investigation, started doing all sorts of things in the name of love without thinking twice. And when everything shows they are making a mistake, they still want to fight for the mistake, thinking fighting for a mistake will make it right. The fact that he kissed you first does not mean he is your true love and you can't enjoy kissing with anyone when they leave. Written by Counselor Adofoli


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