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My husband does not play with me. My husband does not spend time at home. My husband eats out. My husband.....
I think some time you need to kindly look inward why all these is happening to your once sweet marriage. How on earth will you expect a man to seat at home with a nagging wife, yes he has his weakness or there are things you want him to do and he is not doing it, kindly discuss it with him maturely without raising your voice, the best way to change a man is with kind and soft words. When you talk to him, still give him time to adjust not just expect him instantly.
My elders say. THE ROAD TO EVERY MANS HEART IS HIS FOOD. How well is your cooking, is it worth calling friends to come dine with you, why not improve your cooking, thank God we now have food instruction C.D and manual why not take your time to do that and see if he will not acknowledge that cooking of yours not Indomie now and spaghetti always. Give him that African dish, how do you think a man will feel when you ask him to invite some family friends for dinner. He will feel important knowing you are the koko when it comes to cooking. The house, how clean is the house, yes you are not a slave or he needs to help you with some of this but remember as an African lady, your first priority and job is to be a house wife. Try tidy up that apartment of yours, not complaining the children can scatter or litter the house.
Woman, how do you look? Take a look at yourself and see for yourself, do you meet up with his standard? What are the qualities he see in you during your hay days, what kind of hair STYLE he loves on you. If you can't look good for your husband, please who will you look good for? You must move with his space of fashion. If he loves trouser kindly get some and put it on, if he hate Brazilian hair, don't say that is what is ongoing, just go for that natural look he love, remember the Yoruba say. That A WISE WIFE DOES NOT COOK A FOOD THE HUSBAND DOESN’T EAT.

Sex. I will not want to talk about that openly just for the sake of children in the house if not I could have given you some hint on how to make him wants more of you. A good woman is a prayerful wife, he intercede for his family, I once over heard one man who say. “if not for the prayer of his wife” because men some time are weak in prayer. Do cultivate the attitude for prayer, this will make up for things you can't do on your own. Remember to love and trust him unconditional. - By Danjuma Iliya.


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