Who Is Wasting Your Time
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Loving someone does not mean the person loves you. Someone loving you does not mean you love the person. Be intentional in your communication with anyone who expresses interest in you if you don’t want to be in a relationship with the person. Be polite and say no. Don’t waste your time on a person who is not ready to be with you. I always say that your love for the person is not enough for a relationship to begin if he or she does not love you. Don’t keep pursuing the person whose heart lies elsewhere. I found this quote from Dodinsky’s Garden of Thoughts: “Some people will never ‘get you.’ Do not spend eternity asking why. People will see you differently, just cherish those who lift your soul.”
In a relationship, some people are time-wasters. Cambridge Dictionary defines time-waster as: “someone who causes another person to waste time doing something that does not achieve any good result.” It takes time and effort to build a relationship. Some just go into a relationship with no objective for a long-term commitment to marriage. Some enter into a relationship as a means to escape loneliness, to have economic freedom, for sex, fun, or using the person for his or her hidden agenda. Some are just looking for a casual relationship; they don't want to go beyond that point. When a topic of marriage comes up in a conversation, the person shows no interest or will postpone and give some flimsy excuses. Genuinely, some others are not sure if the relationship is the right one or not and that prevents them from moving forward. That is why it's important to pray and reach a counselor in such situations.
Anne Cohen writes: “Nothing is worse than dating someone that feels indecisive all of the time. I highly recommend being with the type of person who’s going to appreciate you and value your time, and your very being, enough that they won’t take you for granted, and where they make you feel special, and as a priority—like they should. Be with the type of person that’s going to appreciate you and treat you as a priority. Don’t waste your time worrying, overthinking, and analyzing why a person isn’t making up their mind as to whether or not they want to be with you.” Examine your relationship today. Who is wasting your time? Are you wasting your partner's time?...Danjuma Iliya.


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