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This question to some people is probably the easiest they could be asked, while to some others, one of the most difficult. Now, to set the ball rolling, let me ask which category of people you belong. Those who think the question, "Who is a virgin" is simpler than ABC, or those who think, it is not that simple?
If you belong to the former, well, lucky you but if you belong to the latter, i would say "Luckier" you. Because you stand a better chance of understanding the subject and knowing the truth. The question, "Who is a virgin", is really not as simple as it sounds because the answer is not. Many people who think they know the answer, really do not. Now, if you are one of such people who think they know the answer, please tell yourself right now before you continue reading or write it down on a piece of paper somewhere around you and see if it corresponds with this answer.
Who is a virgin? Answer: Someone who haven't had sexual intercourse before. If that's your definition? Please endeavor to answer the following. "What's your definition of sexual intercourse? Does it include anal sex, oral sex, solo sex and homo sex?
If it doesn't, would you therefore say anyone who has been involved in any of all these sexually activities but not that very normal sexually intercourse, is a virgin?
A friend of mine told me that "EVA, i do suck my boyfriend's penis but i have not done the normal one oo, but I’m still a virgin sha"
Now, if your definition of sexual intercourse actually includes all of these sexual activities, would you now call my FRIEND a virgin?
Hmm! Can you now see that the question is definitely not as simple as you think. Nevertheless, you need not bother too much if you now find yourself confused because i am going to give you the right definition
Who is a virgin? A virgin is someone who is PURE, UNDEFILED, UNADULTERATED, UNSULLIED, FLAWLESS, ADROIT, DELICATE, COMPLETE, IMMACULATE, NEAT and INNOCENT SEXUALLY. A virgin is someone who has not been "consciously" involved in sexually intercourse and what some people may regard as semi intercourse like: Oral, anal, solo or homo sex.
You can't be consciously having oral, anal or homo sex and still call yourself a virgin just because you haven't had the normal sexual intercourse. In a nutshell, a VIRGIN is basically someone who is sexually complete, innocent (No anal sex, solo sex, oral sex, homo sex). There is nothing like ''Technical virgin'. You are either a virgin or you are not. Self-deceit is worse than cancer. It's pardonable to fool others, but fooling yourself, is a tragedy you must avoid. Written by Danjuma Iliya.


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