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Singles, those dating, courting and considering Marriage, don't enter it halfheartedly. Think long and hard before you say "I do" & mean it when you say "till death do us part." Start your marriage with a firm pledge to make it last. Agree that except in the case of adultery, divorce will not be an option & neither will it be mentioned even as threat or as a joke. Many who enter into marriage expecting divorce often end in divorce. But those who together honestly & faithfully promise "till death do us part" & expect "till death do us part" & work together towards nothing but "till death do us part" often experience "till death do us part." You can't get from marriage what don't expect from it. Your marital expectation determine your marital experience. What you say to your spouse when you're angry often reveals your expectations. Marriage is for a lifetime. Let yours be "together forever."
Those already married if your marriage is on the rocks, if you’re thinking about calling it quits for any other reason besides Adultery and or Abandonment - the only two biblical grounds for divorce, think about your marriage vows you made, think about your covenant with GOD, think about - do you really want to become another divorce statistic or break up your home or more importantly have your children see another broken home. Whatever pride may be present, drop it. Whatever selfishness is there remove it. Whatever apologies need to be made make them. Whatever forgiveness has to be given or received do it. Whatever counseling is needed go get it and be open to receive whatever guidance and correction that may be needed. Marriage is the centerpiece of families, and families are what make up the Church, the communities the village. Let your focus be on pleasing GOD and he will humble you and give you the strength to carry your marriage." Written by Danjuma Iliya


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