Understanding Time
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The four letters word is literally 'the duration of an event in space', but it can figuratively be seen as a Noble seed, as a Fertile Soil and as a River.
Time as a Noble seed: this implies that in what ever endeavor of life, if you allocate (sow) quality time to it, you will certainly prosper in it (harvest).
Time as a Fertile Soil: this implies that whatever you do (sow), just be patient, knowing that in due course you will get it back a hundred folds(reap). This is the Golden Rule.... It also works for negative actions.
If you carefully consider these two connotations, you will realize that at some point their meanings seem to be in absolute superposition, whereas at other times they are distinctly different. Now having these in mind, I ask: what is that dream/endeavor that you are investing quality time and appropriate resources to it and nothing seems to be working? Don't just dare to panic anymore if you ever did. Just keep doing it because time never fails. It will certainly pay back bountifully. Also, How are going about life? How are you going about your daily interactions?  Hope you've not dare to forget that if you don't do what you are supposed to do today, you'll never enjoy what you expect tomorrow? If you fold your arms today and wallow in laziness, you will certainly be hungry tomorrow. If you treat people badly today, you will certainly be treated badly tomorrow.
Lastly, Time is like a River...Always in motion and never waits for any man. Remember, you can never step into running water twice, so once you miss the set time to achieve your dreams.... You might never live in it ever. Wake up!
Time is a Scarce Commodity.  Also sought out for any a lot. So you do not own any other time than NOW. Tomorrow might never be yours....live every moment as though it's your last...By Mimshack


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