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Hold on, don't get angry because of the topic, relax and read through to see what I termed ugly women. It is not what you're probably thinking.‎
Truth be told, men generally loves beautiful or attractive women. There's something in a woman that attracts them and it varies. But the truth is that real men want beauty far beyond physical appearance! 'As a ring of gold in a swine's snout, So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion' Proverbs 11:22. This is a checkup clinic today for women. You're beautiful? Fine; after reading this, ask or check yourself, am I really beautiful? This may be a reason why you're not having it right martially, you need to make amends and be beautiful not necessarily for marriage sake alone but for personality sake too especially as Christians. Who then is an ugly woman? Let me quickly highlight who an ugly woman is. An ugly woman is a woman who (married and single):

  1. Nags. It tops the list because it's a serious turn off for men. Even if you'd ask him something, there’s a way to go about it without nagging life out of him. Some ladies do this even to their female friends too, change that habit today.
  2. Complains about everything and never appreciate. Even his little effort of trying to please you is not acknowledged.
  3. Make him feel he is a failure by comparing him with others.
  4. Withholds sex from him as a weapon of punishment (In marriage).
  5. Embarrasses him in the presence of friends and family.
  6. Talks rudely to anybody anywhere, uses foul languages, disrespectful, lack manners and hostile and finds it difficult to submit to husband.
  7. Competes with anybody always, even competes with husband for equality.
  8. Cannot let go of past, forgive nor apologize.
  9. Too possessive, always jealous/envious, not secured and moody.
  10. Not intelligent, lazy (physical laziness and spiritual laziness), dirty, not teachable and adamant to correction.

I'll stop here for today, now check yourself. Beauty is beyond the curves, the hourglass figure, cute eyes and so on, it comes from within. This is not to say men don't have theirs, we'll also see that soon by His grace. A beautiful woman is just the opposite of all the above mentioned. Don't forget, doing all these (opposite of the listed points which makes you beautiful) does not reduce you, rather its increases you. Pretty is what a woman shows on the surface. Beauty runs deep. Beauty is a condition of the heart and it's a function of a good character. - By Danjuma Iliya.


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