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Yesterday, we saw the definition of ugly as not just the physical look but more of the inner man. Women also want a cute man, their prince charming cute both inward and outward. Money, fame, prosperity, good dress sense, nice color combo, steez or swags and so on are just to make your outward look superb but that whole business neglected the fact that nothing can sparkle if it doesn't shine from the inside out. No matter how handsome you are, once the points I'm going to list is or are in you, you need to check yourself, you're not handsome!.
Who then is an ugly man?

  1. A dishonest man. So untruthful even in smallest matters let alone in courtship or marriage. Finds it easy to lie without a blink. A player, one who cannot be faithful to a woman, who cannot tame his sexual urge and he's not committed; you're the one in love with sister A and B even sister C is not exempted and you think it’s called big boy, I announce to you that it is not, it is dishonesty which makes you ugly!
  2. A stingy man. Needless to talk more on this, you know what I mean already. You can't share anything with anybody, not even with your woman! Giving is so difficult for you, you engage in a long search for the smallest denomination in your pocket for offering in the church! No situation moves you for assistance, please check yourself today.
  3. A man who thinks it’s only a woman's work to make relationship/marriage work, she's the only one to stand in the gap for the family in the aspect of prayer even going to church is one of her job function but it is never your work too. A man that does not value the creature called 'woman'. A dirty and shabby looking man who will not look after his own body!
  4. Mama's boy; he cannot detach from home.
  5. An insecure man, who cannot trust, always suspicious. Too possessive and can't stand the success of his spouse. A jealous man and envious man.
  6. An abusive man (Verbal and physical). He cannot let go of an issue nor forgive.
  7. An arrogant man, who lacks respect, too proud, talks rudely and bossy all in the name of 'I'm a man', a dictator and adamant to correction.
  8. A man who lacks the fear of God, who is not spirit led but only religious.
  9. A lazy man, lacks vision or drive. Always giving excuse or blaming someone for his failure.
  10. A man without Christ! Inner beauty is gorgeous, embellish it! When the inside is adorably great, the outside cannot but be graciously superb. Make efforts to beautify your inner man and look good outwardly. The most attractive quality a person can have is to love and accept Jesus. Possession, job, makeup or the attractive look will wash away but a heart for God will stand forever.

Are you really handsome?
Confession: I receive the grace to be a man.
Prayer: Give me power to become a man after your heart in Jesus name. Written by Danjuma Iliya.


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