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  1. You Are Afraid To Lose Him/Her: Using fear as a reason to get married is completely wrong. If you are that unsure of your relationship, then being apart is simply a better bet.
  2. Friends And Family Pressure:  You will always have family members or friends that put pressure on you to settle down because they think it is time. You need to realize that these people would not be in the marriage with you and they certainly would not directly feel the consequences of a broken marriage. Only take this step because you think it is time.
  3. You Are Getting Older:  Yes, yes, the infamous biological clock is ticking away and reminding you that you are running out of time. But, you should know that once you are in a bad marriage, you would be so much worse off and wished you had waited for the right person as opposed to settling for the wrong person because you think time was running out.
  4. You Feel You Owe Him/Her:  Did he pay your way through school? Did she hang in there through your strip club days and your cheating ways? Getting married because you feel you owe your partner a debt is also a terrible idea. Get married because you absolutely and completely want to and you would feel much more satisfied with your choice.
  5. For Material Security: This does not just refer to women who settle down with rich men just because they do not want to worry about money. These days, some men actually choose to go for women from rich homes/background, perhaps due to promises of wealth from the woman’s parents or the feeling that the woman can solve any money-related problems that come up. Such marriage would not work out because one person will no doubt feel used and might decide to act out or be disrespectful. READ ALSO: Six Signs She Is Only With You For Your Money.
  6. You Are Bored: You should also not get married simply because you have nothing else going on in your life. Written by Danjuma Iliya.



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