The Economic Impact Of Friendship
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Most of us have friends and most of us are not maximizing the potential of our friendships.
What does it mean to have a friend?
Why do people need friends?
Who is a friend?
These are simple questions that we all know the answers to, but what exactly is the economic impact of friendships?
The first thing I want you to know about friendship is that it is security.
The second thing is that friendship is banking.
If you understand these principles, then you are one step closer to understanding the economic impact of friendships.
Lesson 1: List 5 things you do with your friends. How many of these 5 things bring money to your account or has commercial value? Let's start now.
Lesson 2: How many of your friends know your dreams and ambition?
Lesson 3: How many of your friends contribute to your dreams and ambition?
I want you to know that friendship is not all about fun and gossip. Friendship is a ladder to wealth and prosperity. You and your friends can still gossip, have fun and create wealth at the same time. Friendship is the most powerful leveraging tool in the world. It is the vehicle the rich use in getting richer and it is also what the poor use in getting poorer. When will you get tired of keeping unprofitable friendships? I want you to analyze the profitability of your friendships. Last 3 years, I got into a financial mess by investing wrongly. Suddenly, I needed $2500 to come alive. My dear friends! I couldn't raise that money. I picked up my phone and scrolled up and down if I could find someone in my phone book to rescue me. alas! There was nobody. That was when I knew I was in trouble. My question is simple. WHO ARE THE PEOPLE ON YOUR PHONE BOOK? If you need $2500 today, is there someone on your phone book you can call to transfer that money to you? If you want to reach the Governor of your state, is there someone on your phone book that can help? Some people are suffering today, yet they have 3000 people on their phone book. What are those people for? You must understand how friendship became a tool of the powerful. Powerful people have used friendships to become more powerful. What are you doing with your friends? When you sit with your friends every day, what do you talk about? Do you talk about boyfriends and girlfriends or do you talk about how to rule the world? How many old people are your friends? If none, look for one. Your friends must not always be your mates or be in your class alone. Make friends everywhere and from every class, tribe. What is the economic impact of befriending people? Why do people make friends? Don't be afraid to make huge sacrifices for your friends. Remember I said, friendship is security. I also said friendship is a bank. Bank wisely.
1. Don't wait for the opportunity to help people, create it.
2. Friends are wealth; it's only a bad business person that will abandon old friends because he found new ones. Don't be a bad business man/woman.
Every year, not satisfied being the hyper-successful, 28-year-old CEO of the company of the decade, Mark Zuckerberg tries to improve himself by setting an annual challenge. In 2009, he wore a tie daily. In 2010, he studied Chinese. In 2011, he only ate meat that he himself killed. So what was his New Year resolution for 2013? It was to make a new friend every day.  do you think he is crazy? Oh! No, he is not, he understands the economic impact of friendships. Some of us have not made any meaningful friends for the past 5-10 years, a smarter you is only a decision away. You and your friends can rule the world with ideas and partnerships. Do not forget that friends are wealth.


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