Ten Things A Man Wants From His Wife
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  1. He needs your encouragement, not your rejection.
  2. He needs you to forgive him for his failures and wrong choices.
  3. He needs you to believe in him.
  4. He needs you to intercede to the Lord on his behalf.
  5. He needs you to be his friend and his lover.
  6. He needs you to love him for who he is and where he’s at, rather than his potential.
  7. He needs you to focus on your growth in the Lord rather than you focusing on his growth.
  8. He needs you to minister to him. When my Beloved was broken, I made it my aim to build him up and speak the Words of Life into him as often as I could. I’d share the Scriptures with him by either reading him the Word or by writing verses and leaving them on his desk or chair. The word of God does not return void. (If he’s not a Believer and he’s hostile toward the Gospel message, then just pray for him and make sure your conduct and attitude is filled with love and grace.)
  9. When your man is down, it’s easy for a wife to just take over….but I caution you not take this path without first asking your husband a boat load of questions. If your man feels emasculated by your leadership, he’ll withdraw even more. So tread lightly here. Continue to refer to him and find out how he wants things done and then follow through on his request. This action may provoke him to get out of his pit.
  10. You’ve got to be in the Word of God as if your life depended on it because that’s where your Source of Strength will come from....By Shaleo Mwelwa.


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