Sign To Show That You Are In Love ve And Virginity
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  1. A minute with her is worth more than a whole day without her.
  2. Everything reminds you of her.
  3. She drives you crazy, but you still can’t help but love being around her.
  4. If she is beautiful, you always want to identify with her in public.
  5. She is all you love to think about.
  6. When others talks about their friend, she flash on your mind.
  7. When you find her in a crowd of people, you don't notice others around you
  8. While reading this, there was one person on your mind this whole time.
  9. You always wish of what you can do to make her happy.
  10. You can talk to her about anything.
  11. You can’t explain why you’re always happy.
  12. You easily forgive their wrong, even when they have done nothing about it.
  13. You feel bad when you know you can't provide for her.
  14. You feel proud whenever they're
  15. You find yourself always talking about her.
  16. You get jealous when she teases others.
  17. You get worried when she takes too long to return your miss call.
  18. You hardly resist her when she makes demand.
  19. You have fun talking with her no matter what you’re talking about.
  20. You just enjoy telling your friends about her.
  21. You lose track of time and no amount of time spent with her is ever enough.
  22. You mentally make note of the things she likes.
  23. You never feel like you’re wasting time with her.
  24. You obsessively check your phone to see her message.
  25. You re-read her text messages.
  26. You smile when you hear her voice.
  27. You totally stop thinking about your ex.
  28. You walk really slowly when you're with her.
  29. You would do anything just to see her.
  30. You’ll happily jump through hoops without even thinking about it to spend time with her.
  31. You’re endlessly curious about her.
  32. You’re less attracted to other girls.


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