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Many relationships break within a short period of time, but our problem is, we all never take time to find the reasons why we broke up with our Ex-Girlfriends, boyfriends or husbands and wives.
Here are the ways to make your relationship stronger and it lasts forever.

  1. BEING HONEST: If you aren’t honest with yourself, about who you are, what you want, where you are going… you can’t possibly be honest with your partner. So be honest with yourself first.
  2. TRUST: Nothing makes a relationship shaky faster than a broken trust, it’s very hard to repair trust. Trust your lover from the smallest detail to the biggest plans.
  3. RESPECT: If you want a solid relationship, respect is an essential part. You need to respect your partner’s needs and wants, their weaknesses and strengths, their dreams and goals. You need to respect who they are.
  4. COMMUNICATION: It’s hard to trust someone who won’t communicate with you well and effectively. this include body language, become aware of your body language and let it reflect the actual words that come out of your mouth. Also, remember this, Listening is as big a part. Don’t make conversations a competition. Focus on things that you have in common that’s what brings you together.
  5. ATTENTION: When you give your partner and your relationship attention, they will notice and respond. When you give them less, they will notice that too. Give your attention in ways that show that you are thinking about them, not about you. Giving your partner attention doesn’t necessarily even involve time with them. It can be picking out something that they will like and getting it for them, or making them something, or planning a trip that they will enjoy etc. Giving them attention simply means spending time and energy on them, even if most of that time and energy isn’t actually with them.
  6. INTIMACY; the more intimacy your relationship has, the stronger it will be, provided that the intimacy is mutual.
  7. COMMITMENT: Everyone needs it for a good, strong, deep relationship. The commitment I am talking about here doesn’t have to be marriage. It simply means that you can rely on the other person to be there, to put effort into your relationship, to keep you near the top of their list of priorities. God bless you. Written by Danjuma Iliya.


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