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Stop calling someone who never picks up or takes forever to call you back because such a person lacks common courtesy such a person may be in love with someone else or simply using you at his or her convenience Stop texting a person who doesn’t reply in a reasonable amount of time. I know that person may be claiming that he or she is ever busy but if that person really loved you he/she wouldn’t have failed to spare at least 2 minutes to text you any short message like I MISS YOU, I LOVE YOU.
If you are in love with such a person just know he/she has no time for you but has time to text the other person that he or she loves and fears to lose Stop chasing after someone who doesn’t want to be caught Stop forcing yourself on someone who doesn’t appreciate everything you do for him or her Stop having hope in someone who takes you as his or her second option Stop pleading and crying for someone who sees no value in your tears. Seriously you deserve someone who gladly picks up when you call with much need of hearing his or her voice someone who replies promptly to your texts and treats you with common decency like a QUEEN/ KING that you are, someone who appreciates everything you do for him or her, someone who fears to lose you just like the way you do, someone who takes you as his or her priority, someone who has your time and serious with you Please don't belittle yourself for anyone who doesn't worth it, You meant to be his/her priority. Written by Danjuma Iliya.


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