People Come And Go In Our Life For A Reason
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Why do you panic so much when a close friend or love one walks away from you?
Why do you feel like your world is going to crash so badly without them?

Well, this is the natural feeling we all experience when we lose (in death or separation) someone we got intimately closed to, Owing to their relevance in a certain aspect of our life.

This article seeks to elucidate the need to let go such relationships and possibly highlight the steps to take quickly to recover from a broken relationship with someone who was pivotal to your balance in life.

Now take a look at a wall made of bricks. if you observe closely you will realize that some bricks are full while some are not, yet they are strategically composed to form a firm and beautiful wall of any shape.

There are people who are destined to remain completely part of your life just like the full bricks in the above illustration. Whereas, some people's role in your life is not meant to last a lifetime hence, they'll stay for a while and go just like the half bricks. The unused parts of the bricks that were cut off will certainly fit into another wall.
The truth is everything come and go and everything happens for a reason. The people now in your life are here for a purpose, and when their work is due, they'll depart no matter how much you try to make them stay. You can't beg people to stay in your life for too long, so you should be courageous enough to let go.
Now, letting go people who have decided to leave your life is not pride neither does it imply that you value them less. It is a level of maturity attained having come to the understanding that in the course of fulfilling Destiny so many  scenes will unfold and each scene may require new actors or a composition of some old and new.


We have outlined six proven steps to take in order to bounce back quickly:

First: Who's was he/she to your life?
You must provide a clear answer to this question in order to analyze the roles that he/she played in your life.

Second: pen down these roles and pick out the most crucial of them. e.g he was your best friend who gave you a lot of financial support.

Third: think of what you can do to generate or increase your income to feed your bills within the closest possible time. Experiment has proven that we tend to be more relaxed on realizing and exploring our potential if we don't really have the need to. Hence the saying that Necessity is the mother of Invention while challenge is the mother of Innovation.
Most of the world changers had gone through difficulties that made them discover and explore their innate potentials.

Fourth: address other lapses in the same manner. Avoid visiting places or doing the things you used to do together. Memories are delusive.

Fifth: Ensure to keep yourself very busy. You can become actively involved in any sport or exercise that you love. Like learning to skirt or ride a bicycle. Also watch a lot of comedy videos and documentaries that catches your fancy. Exercise clears the mind and reduces anxiety while laughter helps you to forget your sorrows momentarily.

Six: Visit and Spend quality time with your friends. You can also make new friends. New friendship can really help topple your interest.


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