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The major troubles we face in marriages are due to weak foundations. We claim we are madly in love and soon exclaim we are out of love or have run out of love. While the men tend to love because of her beauty, the women loves based on riches and handsomeness. Sometimes it seems hard for a lady to introduce the boyfriend to her friends and family because he is neither rich nor handsome.
Most ladies are in relationships with handsome guys, whom they refer to as ‘cute’, but on the other side, they are insecure in the relationship. Putting untold pressure on themselves just to have the guy’s eyes on them alone. Getting involved with needless fights in the name of driving other ladies away from her man.
Some are with a rich boyfriend but feel like they have been bought and paid for. The boyfriend is not always there for them. Their men are not faithful to them. Issues about trust give them sleepless nights.
I am not saying rich guys cannot be faithful or that handsome guys cannot be with one woman. What I want ladies to know is that, a great relationship goes beyond his riches or handsomeness. You need someone who is loyal; some who has unfailing love for you. No matter how handsome he is, he will know your place in his heart and won't sacrifice that for anyone. I am talking about you having a handsome guy you won't have to fight or compete with other ladies to keep.
There are lots of married women who are having sleepless nights because their handsome husbands cannot keep their eyes off other women. Such marriages were not built on foundation of loyalty, but she believed once they were married he will be all hers. Her biggest nightmare is when the husband says he has run out love for her.
As a lady looking for a lasting and happy life together, you don't get into relationship with him just because he is handsome. If he is not loyal, you are better off being single. But when you mistakenly marry someone who is not loyal, you end up running out of that marriage one day in pains.
You don't marry a man because he can buy everything including you. Marry him because you are one thing he can't afford to buy with his money. A man who is faithful to you, who puts you first before his money.
As a young lady thinking about marriage, you should not be impressed or swept off your feet because of how a man looks or how rich he is. You should be impressed by the way he treats you. He should treat you as the most important person in his life which he won't risk losing, but rather adore and protect you.
If he is rich or handsome or both but not loyal to you, then let him do you a favour by exiting your life. Let them leave that empty space for someone who is loyal to you, a person who deserves to be there. Such a person’s love does not fade, it lasts. And if you have a man who is loyal to you, does not give up on you, appreciate him. It doesn't matter if he is not rich today, as far as he is faithful with the little he has and working hard, with your support, he will achieve more. It doesn't matter if he is not handsome like others, he has a heart that makes him handsome. So be proud of him, go ahead introduce him to your friends and family, believe in him, stand by him. Always remember he is your choice and not the choice of your friends and family. Nobody knows you better than yourself. You can have their choice who won't treat you like you deserve. In conclusion, He who pursues righteousness and loyalty Finds life, righteousness and honor" - Proverbs 21:21 (NASB). Written by Danjuma Iliya.


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