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Many couples are divorced before their wedding day because most things that leads to divorce doesn't happen overnight, it has always been there before marriage but we overlook a lot of obstacles because we're blindly in love. Do not be fooled into believing that marriage will automatically change a person's character. The only thing a wedding will change is your relationship status from single to married. It's hard to change a person who is never ready to change. If you're not happy together while dating, there's a 70% chances that you won't be happy after the marriage. If you have to fight or beg for attention before the marriage, don't expect an overnight affection after the marriage. Of course many people can pretend to be what they are not, but there's a limit to how much a person can pretend if you're paying attention and you're honest with yourself.
Endurance and ignorance are never the same. Endurance is staying and believing that a person who does not have today may have tomorrow, while ignorance is believing that a person who treats you like nothing before marriage will automatically starts treating you like SOMETHING after the marriage. Never ever marry to fix a problem. Fix your problem before you get married. Be prayerful but be sensible. Never ignore a bold handwriting on the wall. Never throw an obvious problem under the carpet in your relationship if you truly want peace of mind.
A temperamental partner who gets angry and slaps you at any slight argument while dating, might ends up beating the daylight out of you after the wedding. A material woman who only loves you for what you have may never stay for long when the road is rough. Be very careful who you choose as spouse, your happiness and sadness depends it. When the foundation is poor, collapse is inevitable. Before Saying I Do Make Sure You Know What You Are Doing. Written by Danjuma Iliya.


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