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This is a straight talk from the heart to you my great friends. Sex is no more a thing to be shy of, it's fast becoming a norm. Promising youths now take pride in their sexual relationship(s) and escapades. Being a sexual object is not only when there's sexual intercourse, it focuses beyond your dressing. But why are you dressing seductively, exposing your cleavage, wearing over fitted skirts that shows all the curves and bum, what message are you passing across?
I am not saying you should look shabby, u can dress well too but is your dressing glorifying God or sending a sexual message even when you say you are not a sexual object? Don't forget that men are moved by what they see.
I will keep repeating this: sex is not, will not, shall not, must not be a requirement for a relationship. When it turns to be one then it is time to quit such relationship. God is no respecter of anyone and His standard still stands sure, 'Marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled but fornicators and adulterers, God will judge' (Heb.13:4) but there is a second chance if you embrace it. After my pre-degree days in school, things went sour financially, especially in my 200 level days. It was so rough that as a lady, I couldn’t afford a sanitary pad or a big tissue paper. At a point, I remembered having two blouses and two skirts for a whole semester. God used my girlfriends to assist me and you will never know I had little but it wasn’t enough as I needed to get handouts and all that. I had carry overs in first semester because I couldn’t get material and sign the course form (UNAD people will understand how important it is to sign course form). In the heat of this I decided to drop out of school to work and return to study later.
To cut the long story short, I found a way to combine work with schooling which I did and I was open to different men who wanted to take stress off me and keep me in school. According to them they will not help except there is a sexual relationship. God helped me through it because I saw myself as a human being who needed to be loved and in tune with God and not an object to be toyed with, I am no one’s playground! I also remember a man who almost strangled me because he wanted a kiss, he dodged my slap that day and stopped relating with me. I know so many persons (male and female) may be in this type of situation, I want you to know that you are created for a divine purpose and not for sex. Being a virgin will not make you sick, do not allow anyone deceive you. There is no safe sex except in marriage, get that clear!
It is only in marriage that you can have a sooth refreshing sex without guilt or fear of getting pregnant because you're licensed by God and even the society. Value yourself and men of value will know your worth, things of value are kept and guarded. Your destiny is too precious to be traded on the altar of sex, Christ bought you with a price and you need to glorify Him with your body/life. Refuse to be treated as an object and do not see anyone as such. Written by Danjuma Iliya.


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