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Let me ask you a few questions I have been forced to ask myself these last few months, "How strong is your fundamental Bible knowledge? Do you know God exists? If your friend, coworker, family member or your neighbor asked you to prove God exists, could you do it? Do you know the Bible is God's message to man? Or has your knowledge of these facts been torn at, worn away and eroded to the point where maybe the Bible is just a 'good book'?"
Does God exist? How's that for question number one? A great question. God most assuredly exists, and we should be able to prove it to any and all who would ask us to do so! The Bible is His message to us and to all mankind, and that is a proven fact that is indisputable by any rational being. Let me stop here and define what I mean by "rational". By "rational" mean someone who has the ability to reason. A person may be rational and still arrive at a wrong conclusion because of poor judgment or a lack of information upon which to base one's conclusion. However, when one can arrive at a conclusion using logic and reason, that person is said to be "rational".
Now, does God exist? This is a question man has asked since our very beginning, but it is a question one can answer rationally. It was Descartes who said "I think, therefore i am". That is just a fancy way of saying "we exist". Man is here. Do you know anyone who believes that we do not exist? We aren't talking about God, yet just us. Rational people will admit that they exist. If we are, there must be something or someone that caused us to be.
Consider Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a pile of rocks arranged in such a way as to indicate intelligent design. Have you ever heard anyone imply that Stonehenge just happened? That those rocks are where they are by accident or chance? Nope. No rational person would ever suggest that pile of rocks was placed there in that particular way by accident. Something as simple as a pile of rocks can indicate a designer, a maker, a creator. Yet, here we sit in our houses which we would never believe could have just happened, reading this article under artificial light which could not have possibly occurred by chance, taking advantage of two eyes and a brain that many people would suggest we obtained as sole recipients of the luckiest roll of the cosmic dice ever. It just happened, you see. Pure, dumb luck!
A house could never happen by chance, not in a million years. A car? No way. Your cell phone? Please! But you, your eye, brain, lungs, skin, hearts, etc. - these fantastic tools could have happened just by pure coincidence, dumb luck, blind chance! "Your need for a God who created you makes you irrational," our society says. "We can't teach kids about God. God is too far-fetched. He's preposterous! Instead, we'll tell them we 'evolved' over million of years. "Yeah, that's much more rational.
You think therefore you are. If you are, then you were made. If you were made, then there exists a maker. If you were created, then there exists a creator. If you were designed, then there exists a designer. This rational thought process is true of your house, you car, your furniture, your clothes, all of your belongings - and it is true of you. You exist, therefore there is One who caused you to exist. Logical, reasonable, simple, and - above all else - true!
In this article we did not use the Bible to prove a Maker exists. If you have a friend who doesn't believe in God, he certainly doesn't believe God wrote the Bible. Therefore, using the Bible to prove to your friend that God exists is futile. But if your friend can use logic, he should have been able to follow this line of reasoning to its logical end, and he should have concluded: There is God! –By Ed Allen.


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