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I am always touched when I hear ladies say I am waiting for the right man indefinitely. Please read this carefully. There are three factors responsible for this which can be prayerfully addressed.

  1. GOD FACTOR: God doesn't delay His children's breakthrough without a cause. Most times He keeps them waiting for a divine purpose. His plans supersedes your calculations. If God didn't tell you to wait then your waiting is hopelessly wasteful. God can't ask you to wait then fear would grip you're soul. Did God categorically tell you that He is the one keeping you waiting? If you haven't heard from God or a prophet somewhere is telling you then you need to act fast.
  2. DEVIL'S INFLUENCE: Devil operates through patterns, cycles and curses. When the devil knows what your womb will produce then he begins to fight you. If your marriage matters in the agenda of God, he may tie down your marital breakthrough. There are marital spells that keep down people. The devil may monitor evil family patterns and cycles. The past sexual affairs can form a soul tie that's affecting your marital breakthrough. What is the way out? Prayer, fasting, confessing the word and deliverance. It is not normal if no man is seeing your beauty and desire to have you. It is not normal! Can you remember soulties you entered through sexual affairs, covenants and vows. Is marital delay prevalent in your lineage?
  3. PERSONAL CARELESSNESS: Why should you tell a man “I AM NOT READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP?” Why should you tell a man "I DON'T HAVE YOUR TIME" why should you tell a man "I AM NOT IN YOUR CLASS" Your pride and exaggerated self-esteem are your problems. Stop being bossy, domineering and authoritative as a lady. No man wants two bosses in his life. He has one at work then the wife to be is a general too. NO! Your look matters also... Stop dressing like old witches in this modern world. Be appealing not revealing your cleavage and contours. Make nice hairstyles. Plait your hair. Why should a daughter of Zion thinks that brothers would accept her as she is? If you're not good looking, you're not good to behold. Stop wearing extra large dresses like sacks. Wear nice perfume. Stop being mouthy! Be courteous! Be approachable! Be modest! Don't disrespect men! - By Danjuma Iliya.

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