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So they asked him to sleep in the grave yard naked for 3 days. He did!
They asked him to walk naked round the town at midnight for one week. He did!
They asked him to sacrifice one of his family members whom he loved so much. He did!
Now he is famous, now he is rich, now he commands power and no man can stand him. You said he is lucky and I laugh at your ignorance. No man gets power by luck. There is always a price. In the kingdom we have believers who are ignorant and comfortable In their fallen state. We love power, we love to command great influence but we run away when we talk about the price. No man just become successful, there is something and someone he bows to. You want to see the lame walk. You want to see the blind eyes open. You want to see souls getting saved. You want to see the dead rise. There is always a price to pay. Brothers and sisters it take more than desire or just wishing that someday it will happen through you. Can you pay the price? You can't remember the last time you prayed in tongues for at least one hour. You can't remember the last time you study your Bible. You can't remember the last time you went on fasting. You can't remember the last time you had genuine hunger and passion. And you want power. You want to manifest. You want to change and transform lives. You spend hours arguing on Facebook. You know all the season films in market. You know all the names of the football clubs and their players. You know the latest fashion trend In town. The anointing is not for lazy people but for passionate and desperate people. The anointing is not for children but for Son's. When next you come across a great man of God, instead of taking selfie, ask him to tell you some stories. We love to celebrate glory but don't care about the story. We love double portion of a man's anointing but we can't pay half of the price he paid. We love impartation and anointing service. Written by Danjuma Iliya.


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