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Assumed love is when you think you are in a relationship with someone when there is no mutual consent by the two parties. You've been friends for a while, everyone knows you're friends and you therefore conclude in your mind that he/she is yours or he/she is giving you green light and therefore you block your mind against others. This mostly leads to pain. That you are friends do not automatically mean you're in a love relationship. Stop hurting yourself, if you feel the closeness is too much, talk about it, ask questions, define the relationship and if need be for a gap, please do. Do not hinder the right one while you're stuck in an assumed relationship.
I am not saying you cannot be friend with the opposite sex, what I'm simply saying is: define your relationship, avoid unnecessary closeness (set boundaries), speak up or ask questions when necessary especially when you feel emotion is setting in, help yourself from getting hurt unnecessarily. Friendship is a good foundation to start a love relationship. However, when emotions are involved without mutual commitment, it will lead to serious issues. It is better to keep it at friendship level and don't put yourself under unnecessary pressures. Don't build your life with someone who doesn't see your relevance in their own life. Written by Danjuma Iliya


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